Yay! You're Here!

Ages ago (nine to be exact), I had a blog. It was a creative outlet that started when I was pregnant with my son. Change is the only constant life. As my life has grown, changed, etc. so has Pickles & Chapstick. 

In 2017, I started creating printables and selling them on Etsy. The idea for printables got started because I lacked time. I love making the ones I love feel special. However, I no longer had time to stroll through stores and online for the perfect birthday banner or gift tags. So I decided to start making my own. 

I guess now you may be wondering why I decided to start a blog? The idea was something that lingered in the back of my head for quite some time. It's plain and simple. I wanted to create a little space where I would offer free printables for everyone to enjoy.