Full disclosure: It's been YEARS since I wrote a blog post. So here we go.... 

How's everyone doing? It's been some interesting times with the social distancing, getting into new routines, etc. As difficult as it is for us, I know it's also difficult for the kiddos. Trying to come up with new activities can be challenging. Most children I know love rainbows. I still remember the look on my 8-year-old's face when he saw a double rainbow for the first time - mind blown! This is why I decided to create an activity that is creative as well as educational.

This activity is taking the appropriate color crayon and matching the English word to the German/French/Spanish word for that color. You will find the three activity sheets below. 
English to Spanish

English to German

English to French

Click on each sheet caption you would like. Each will open up into a new window where you will be able to print from. Enjoy!