Hey friends! Welcome to Pickles & Chapstick! The name is Rachel and I am the person behind Pickles & Chapstick. Pickles & Chapstick started off as a blog/creative endeavor in 2011 when I was pregnant with my son. Change is inevitable. As much as I have grown and changed in the past nine years, this little creative space has done the same. 

Pickles & Chapstick Printables happened over my frustration over my lack of time. I love celebrating the ones that I love and making them feel special. However, with limited time, I grew frustrated when I couldn't find that perfect birthday banner, party decor item, etc. So I decided to start making my own and they were a hit! 

I work FT and school FT. Bookworm and animal lover since birth. An avid crafter since childhood. A stickler to the details and someone who can't sit still. I can bake a delicious treat and make a mean mix tape. Sun in Aquarius, Rising in Virgo & Moon in Aries. I currently reside in California and love spending time with John (my partner), our Charlie (human child) and Oscar (cat who has dog/human tendencies).